Monday, May 31, 2010

So, who is Ron Hillman from Las Vegas?

So, I subscribe to Bryan Ellis' newsletter and he peddles different products for his viewers to buy, of which he gets an affiliate commission. No biggie, as his newsletters are fairly useless.

He announced that he had a special speaker, who had documented success in real estate. His name is Ron Hillman and he's from Las Vegas, NV working the properties at the courthouse steps during the auction process.

During the webinar, Bryan and Ron go over a few properties that his company has closed in the recent months with a sizable gross profit. He offers the listeners a 30% cash-on-cash return for your money AND they are looking for $100K minimum buy-in from cash investors. Of course, all this good stuff happens within six months or less.

But, wait there's more!

If you don't have $100K in your IRA or in your checking account. Have no worries! Alas, they will pair you with three other investors who also have $25K, so that way you can just get into the action for $25K as all the funds are commigled, I suppose.

There is an application process that's not very formal, before they shell-out the hotel expense for you. And, Ron Hillman offers to pay for your hotel and airfare after your first, closed deal. So far so good. Right?

Well, I start my due-diligence and I discover a few things. So, since I'm a fair and equitable person, I email Ron and CC: Bryan Ellis the following email:


Upon researching and googling your name, I found this troubling link that you may want to address:

This shows poor character on your part from what was described; however, I'm a fair and equitable person and would like to know what happened.

If I called Shemin's office, would they give you a glowing review and an excellent endorsement? Or, not and why?

I also learned that you had two businesses which are now defunct with the Nevada Secretary of State (NV SOS): My First House, Inc., My First House Arizona. Why is it that you don't have any long-standing companies with the SOS in NV AND you're a long-standing resident? Do you easily bankrupt them or close them for a reason, or do you now exclusively use nominee agents? The lack of an entity with the NV SOS appears to be erratic and out-of-control behavior in respect to having longevity to me. IMHO.

Your most recent company in NV, Alabama Residential Advertising, LLC, is a very young company (two years old) and not at all related to Real Estate with that name. Correct? Is this a structure for banks to extend business lines of credit because anything to do with real estate is considered too risky? I know I'm speculating, but I have these questions.

This is all public record.

With your permission, is it possible to speak with the Kramers from Elsinore LLC? They purchased the property at 1901 Sondrio a few months ago. They, indeed, earn a gross profit of $68K as evidenced in public records. "Would they do it again?", is what I would ask this couple.

Ronnie, as your email implies, please don't take these questions and assumptions as an affront. I'm just doing my due-diligence. And, I'm sure I'm not the only who's digged-up this info, but I can almost guarantee that I'm the only one who's emailed you about these challenges.

Thank you

I get a reply from him that says the following:


Shemin was in charge of refunding this money which he is in possession of. I no longer work with Mr. Shemin due to this. Thank you.
I do not think this is for you, due to your skepticism of my character and the assumptions and conclusions you have made already. Sorry and good luck to you.

Ron Hillman

My question to you, the reader....Was this an appropriate response for my investigative work? Or, was he right in wishing me good-luck and dismissing my points of contention completely?

If someone is asking to have you invest $100K with them. Should they be accountable for their past behavior?

At this point, I would say Caveat Emptor with Ron Hillman as his response wouldn't even pass muster if he was running a public company. I would personally NOT invest with his company or the likes of anyone who dismisses valid points.

You tell me. What do you think?

The worst part is the I CC'd Bryan Ellis, his promoter du jour, and I haven't heard anything from him. Simply ignorant, I say.


  1. Please let me know when this seminar took place and what was the location?

  2. hehehe, i'm ron hillmann from germany. the first fulltime affiliate manager here. i'm certainly not meant.

    best regards - ron hillmann